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"Five stars! Culture Dental Advisors has been a game-changer for my practice. Circe, in particular, has been fantastic. She's incredibly skilled at recruiting dentists and really took the time to understand my specific needs.

Before I started working with Culture Dental Advisors, finding the right talent felt like a constant uphill battle. Since partnering with them, it's been a whole new ball game.

Circe, specifically, has been an invaluable asset. She's a whiz at dental recruitment. It wasn't just about filling open positions; she took the time to truly understand my practice's culture and the kind of dentists who would thrive here. The result? We've brought on some incredible new talent who are a perfect fit for our team.

Culture Dental Advisors goes beyond just recruitment. They've also helped me develop strategies for staff retention and development. Their focus on creating a positive work environment has made a huge difference. My employees feel valued and appreciated, which translates into better patient care and overall practice growth.

If you're a dental practice owner looking to take your business to the next level, I can't recommend Culture Dental Advisors highly enough. They've helped me achieve a level of peace of mind I never thought possible!"

- Dr. Sean Tomalty


What will you get from Culture Dental Advisors?

  • Culture Dental Advisors Recuitment and Retention

    Recruitment & Retention

    Culture Dental prides itself on hiring and retaining top talent. We will recruit and interview for all positions, hiring individuals who will be a perfect fit for your practice. Our onboarding process will engage and motivate your new employees, bringing excitement and energy to their new role in the company.

  • Culture Dental Advisors Training and Development

    Training & Development

    Culture Dental is dedicated to the success of your employees, which is why we believe in training your staff in the comfort of your own office. We will work with them side by side, empowering them with the tools and knowledge to increase your new patient growth and case acceptance. Culture Dental will conduct performance reviews with each team member and coach them to excel in patient first service.

  • Culture Dental Advisors Collections and Credentialing

    Collections & Credentialing

    Culture Dental has a proven success rate of 99% Production to Collections ratio. We work one-on-one with your accounting team to instill proper claim submission and appeal processes for a reduction in aging A/R. Our team will review your PPO fee schedules against local area norms to renegotiate higher fees for your office.

  • Culture Dental Advisors Operations Team


    Front and back office systems are implemented by our team for cost control opportunities. We will tailor a budget monitoring system for you to help keep your controllable expenses in line. Our easy-to-use expense tracking is formatted so that every employee can confidently manage expenses, leading to an instant boost in EBITDA.

  • Culture Dental Advisors Marketing


    Culture Dental will help you build your brand awareness through grassroot campaigns, an increased social media presence, increased traffic to your website, and higher rankings on search engines. Our team will work with your staff to create longstanding campaigns for increased internal referrals. These efforts will lead to new patient growth in the office.

  • Culture Dental Advisors Workplace Culture


    Every employee contributes to the success of the practice. Appreciated employees who understand both the goals of the organization and their role are the most vital part to success in your practice. We will provide you with a culture assessment through the eyes of your employees, and from there we will help you motivate and encourage your team to achieve a rewarding workplace culture.

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Our Foundation

Culture Dental Advisors Employee
Culture Dental was founded on the belief that the most valuable asset a business can have is its employees. An employee who feels that their voice is heard and is acknowledged for their hard work is worth their weight in gold. Your practice could have the most defined processes and protocols put into place, but without the support of your employees, these processes and protocols will fail.
An appreciated staff that is properly trained on best practices is crucial for practice growth. Employees want to feel empowered to do their job to the best of their ability. They want job security, job growth, and to feel part of the team. When you can provide these needs to your staff, you will find a company culture that makes your team proud to be part of. A grateful employee will aways do more than what is expected of them.
Culture Dental Advisors Employee Training
The key to success is understanding how your employees are motivated. There are different types of motivation, and employee performance is linked to their inner desire for rewards. Culture Dental has created a culture assessment that will evaluate your company’s workplace culture as seen by your own employees. That assessment will help our team determine the type of training, coaching, and development that will take your practice to the next level.
Once training and development needs are determined, we will drill down on your controllable expenses to help increase your EBITDA for long term success. We have partnerships with dental labs and suppliers that can help lower your routine spend. We will also train your current leaders to manage payroll costs and bad debt effectively. Front office trainings include phone etiquette, case acceptance, productive scheduling, prepayment techniques for reserving appointments, and more.
Culture Dental Advisors Data Analysis

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